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Woolite Travel Laundry Soap Kit with 20 Packs, Cloth Bag and Desiccant Set
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Woolite Travel Laundry Soap Kit with 20 Packs, Cloth Bag and Desiccant Set

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Leave your big bottle of Woolite Soap at home and take these small travel packs along. Great for hand washing your delicates and fine clothing.Each travel pack of Woolite Liquid gentle laundry soap contains 0.25 oz of detergent. >Always follow the washing instructions on your clothing label. Woolite laundry soap will work in warm or cold water. When washing new clothes for the first time, wash separately because colors can run. Woolite laundry soap will work in washing machines or for hand washing clothes. Woolite detergent for all fabrics, will protect your clothes from color fading, stretching and fading.

After washing your clothes be sure to follow the garment label for drying instructions. Some clothes can be dried in the dryer. Delicate clothes and knits should be laid flat to dry. Some clothes should be hung to dry.


Whats In The Box: 20 Packs Travel Size Woolite Soap, 1 drying desiccant, 1 cloth drawstring bag, 1 travelers Checklist, and 1 travel adapter country guide

Great for hand washing your delicates and fine clothing.

Leave your big bottle of Woolite at home and take these small packs along

20 individual packs of Woolite Laundry Detergent; each packet contains 0.25 oz of liquid

Liquid Detergent for all fabrics

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4Woolite is awesome for the light packerSep 13, 2008
By Joe MacBu
Woolite works great for washing clothes in hotel sinks while traveling. These packets are 0.25 ounce each, and one packet is recommended for a sinkful of water. The instructions say to soak the clothes for 3 minutes and then rise. Woolite rinses off very easily (unlike laundry detergent). There's no scent to worry about either.

These packets are rather pricey though (9 bucks plus shipping for 20 packs/5 ounces). It's more economical to purchase an 8 ounce bottle from your local store for about 3 bucks and pour it into carry-on approved 3 ounce bottles. For dosing, make a cup with your palm and pour the Woolite into it until it's the diameter of a half-dollar; that's about what's in one packet.

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5Excellent for traveling light in EuropeAug 08, 2007
By Sarah
These travel packets of Woolite were a cost-saver for us in Europe this past summer. We were gone for 2 weeks and I did not want to pack 2 weeks worth of socks, etc. Using these packets, I was able to hand wash items in the hotel sink, rinse, roll them in a bath towel to remove excess water, and hang them dry overnight. It saved money over having the hotel launder our items (no self-serve laundrys there). Also, I packed quick-drying shirts that could also be washed and dried overnight. I'll definitely pack these along on our next trips!

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5Laundry on the goAug 14, 2009
By Sandra Lind
I purchased Woolite Travel Laundry soap for my trips abroad. I found them very helpful since I needed to do laundry due to some unexpected circumstances along with ones I had planned. This soap is gentle on all your items and does a very good job of cleaning even coffee stains. I am even going to bring it with me on short trips for emergencies. Loved it.

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5Great for travelMay 23, 2012
By J. Hargrove "The Other Jim Hargrove"
Any experienced traveler knows that there are times when you really need to wash something in the hotel sink. These Woolite packets are just what you need. One packet in a sink is enough to handle the typical, "I need this to be clean for tomorrow morning," items. 20 of them will handle a trip, unless you're heading around the world. Then maybe you should get more of them.

I had no problem with leakage: the packaging is strong enough to prevent tearing or bursting. That said, I put them into a large ziplock bag, just in case.

A plus: these packets don't seem to come under the TSA rule for liquids. I carried them in my rollaboard without resorting to the annoying limit of a single quart size ziplock. No one objected. Naturally, you'll want some of these in your carry-on bags, in case the checked bags go awry and you need to wash something in the hotel sink.

BTW, in much of the world sinks don't some with a good stopper. A rubber "universal" stopper is a good addition to your carry-on. Put it in the same ziplock as these packets.

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5So practical and convenient!Mar 11, 2008
By Lily of the Valley
Having these packets of Woolite enabled me to take a 2-week trip to Costa Rica with just carry-on luggage.

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